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Clinical Negligence

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If you or a family member has suffered negligence at the hands of a trusted medical advisor or a hospital, you may be entitled to compensation.

Many law firms do general personal injury work, but only certain firms have the expertise to deliver the service and results needed by those who have suffered because of a medical error.  When mistakes are made the individual may be left with a devastating outcome, or even worse, death resulting from the negligence.

At SC Law, our medical negligence lawyers help secure the maximum compensation for you.

What Can We Help You With?


A wrongly amputated limb or removal of a healthy body part has a great impact on individuals, as they are so traumatic and permanent.

Brain Injuries

Brain and head injuries often have lifelong implications. A severe brain injury can lead to significant physical and mental disabilities, including personality changes, speech problems and memory loss.

Birth Defects, Cerebral Palsy and Pregnancy

The birth of your baby should be a time of happiness and celebration. Unfortunately, sometimes things can go wrong, often leading to devastating consequences. If you or your baby has suffered an injury during pregnancy, childbirth or gynaecology procedures, you may be entitled to claim compensation.  Tragically, in some cases, the mistake can lead to the death of the mother or baby.

Cancer Misdiagnosis

Although many cancers are now treatable, this depends on early detection and how soon treatment begins.  However, if there are delays in diagnosing cancer, it may be too late for the patient to undergo any effective treatment.  If you, or someone close to you, has been given a delayed or misdiagnosis of any type of cancer, you may be entitled to claim compensation.

Dental Negligence

Having dental treatment at the best of times can be unnerving and patients generally trust their dentist to provide proper treatment. Unfortunately, damage and side effects can occur in some cases where you have been provided with sub-standard or negligent treatment. If you feel that your treatment has been inappropriate or incompetent and it can be proved the treatment you received was below the standard you should expect from a competent dentist, you may be entitled to claim compensation.

Hospital acquired infections

When a patient or even a visitor enters a hospital, we expect it to be a safe and clean environment and free from potential viruses. Unfortunately, there are occasions when a patient picks up an infection in hospital.  Common hospital infections are MRSA and C Difficile. Sometimes the infection can have devastating results and require a limb to be amputated if the infection cannot be treated. If you have contracted any form of illness or infection whilst in hospital care, you may be entitled to compensation.

When you have suffered due to the negligence of a hospital, particularly where the infection leads to an amputation, our specialist clinical negligence solicitors can advise if you have a potential claim.


When we are feeling unwell, we trust our healthcare advisors, whether it is a GP or a hospital doctor to diagnose the symptoms correctly and make us better. Unfortunately, there are occasions when the medical advisor fails to properly diagnose a condition or the symptoms are not treated correctly. Sadly when this happens, the consequences for the patient can be devastating.

Pressure Sores

It is traumatic enough being in hospital for treatment, but it is even more distressing if you or a relative then develops pressure sores. Pressure sores are caused by failure to turn a patient on a regular basis to relieve pressure on certain parts of the body. If bedsores develop and are left untreated, the sores can become serious or infected and may lead to the need for plastic surgery and in some cases the pressure sores can even result in death. If the pressure sores were caused by inadequate hospital or nursing care that could have been prevented, you may be entitled to compensation.


Surgical Negligence

All surgeries carry risk and complication but sometimes this can go drastically wrong, particularly where the hospital or surgeon has acted incorrectly. If you or a family member suffers negligence as a result of a surgical procedure, or because of sub-standard healthcare or management, you may be entitled to claim surgical negligence compensation.

SC Law has a panel of specialist medical and other experts to prepare the reports needed to support claims for clinical negligence.


Our medical negligence solicitors at SC Law understand the human cost of surgical mistakes and sub-standard service and that pursuing a claim at an already stressful time is another problem to cope with. We will provide practical, attentive and sympathetic advice so you feel reassured that your medical malpractice claim is being handled by an expert in surgical negligence.

Our lawyers will put your needs first and work closely with you to make the process simple and easy to understand.

Our Fees

There are three common ways in which to fund these types of cases:

  1.  Pre-existing insurance, which you may have under your home policy or a credit card.
  2. “No win, no fee”, known as a Conditional Fee Agreement, to which a 25% success fee will apply.
  3. Through a trade union.

On contacting us, we will go through the options with you and provide full details in our client care policy, and we will explain it to you in detail. Each case is assessed on it’s own merits.  Advice and an assessment on how your case will  be funded is given at the outset and before we begin your claim.

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