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SC Law was established specifically to help people who have suffered an injury, from minor through to the most serious and catastrophic. Accident victims are often bullied by their own motor or home insurers to use their own “panel” firm, when in fact under English law they have the complete freedom to use any solicitor of their choice. An accident victim should carefully choose the solicitor they want to represent them, particularly where the injuries are very serious. Similarly, if you are not happy with your current solicitor it is usually very easy to have your case transferred to the solicitor/law firm of your own choice.

Our clients choose us because they believe in our lawyers abilities to meet or exceed their expectations of service and expertise in pursuing their claims. All clients have a dedicated lawyer dealing with their case and one who is specially trained in handling specific types of injuries or accidents. The team at SC Law have almost a 100 years of combined experienced between them, a 100% success rate on concluded claims and have never lost a case at trial.

Meet The Key Team Members

Saffora Choudri

Saffora is a Senior Personal Injury Lawyer with over 20 years experience acting exclusively for injured claimants, including clients who have sustained catastrophic and very serious injuries. She is a specialist in lower limb amputations and spinal/back injury cases and a highly skilled negotiator, regularly achieving settlements beyond her clients expectations.

With her wealth of experience, Saffora has successfully dealt with thousands of cases and eased the lives of many claimants who have been injured. She has extensive experience in dealing with complex liability claims against government organisations, workplace and construction site accidents, claims involving buses and fatal accidents, including acting for multiple group claimants. She is also experienced in dealing with leisure and sporting accidents and injuries involving children. She also acted for several victims of the July 7th London terrorist bombings.

Among the many cases Saffora has dealt with, include the high profile case against the Ministry of Defence in the Mount McKinley expedition in Alaska involving a horrific fatality and other very seriously injured climbers. She also recently negotiated settlement of a claim involving an avid hand glider who sustained seriously debilitating leg injuries for almost half a million. Saffora regularly represents clients who have sustained lower limb amputations.

Hobbies and interests include diving, black and white photography and the theatre.

Kevin Finneran

Kevin is a Senior Clinical Negligence and Personal Injury Solicitor with over 30 years’ experience of dealing with medical and other types of accidents resulting in catastrophic injuries.  He joined the firm in July 2020.

His specialist experience includes neonatal injuries, severe brain and spinal injuries, amputations, misdiagnoses, delayed diagnoses of cancer, sepsis, asbestos-related disease and fatal injuries.

He has secured the following awards for clients in recent years:-

  • £11 million award against a GP who failed to diagnose meningitis in a 17 month old toddler, who suffered brain damage and hearing loss as a result.
  • Two cases where workmen suffered falls from heights whilst working on roofs and scaffold, causing severe spinal injuries; Kevin negotiated awards of £2.4 and £2 million.
  • Failure to diagnose and treat sepsis after a routine hernia repair operation, resulting in an award of £335,000.
  • Securing £820,000 for a widow whose husband died after a hospital trust failed to diagnose and treat necrotising fasciitis (a form of sepsis) after a routine haemorrhoid operation.
  • Achieving an award of £650,000 for failure to diagnose and refer a patient with a blood clot, leading to a traumatic through the knee amputation.  
  • Acting in the M5 fireworks crash, one of Britain’s most deadliest pile-ups, where seven people died and 51 people were injured, Kevin secured a settlement of £800,000 for just one of the passengers https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2011_M5_motorway_crash.
  • Negotiated a settlement of £280,000 for a claimant who suffered brain damage after being hit by an inadequately anchored outdoor tennis table that blew away in a storm.
  • Numerous asbestos disease claims, including a former retired engineer who machined laminates containing asbestos (£250,000); a widower whose wife made brake pads containing asbestos (£200,000); and a carpenter who had cut up asbestos sheets with an electric saw (£200,000).

Kevin has dealt with many high value claims for business owners whose injuries prevented them carrying on with their businesses.  In a number of complex cases he has coordinated and obtained complex expert evidence from accountants, surveyors, pension and employment experts to achieve substantial awards.

Whilst no amount of money can buy back good health or life in some tragic cases, having an experienced lawyer like Kevin to secure a substantial award can give an injured person some control over the choices they may wish to make for their future.  Kevin works tirelessly for his clients to ensure the best possible settlement, including securing early interim payments, medical treatment and rehabilitation.  Litigation can be stressful and wearing, and it is Kevin’s aim to guide you comfortably through the process to a successful conclusion.

Kevin’s hobbies and interests include skiing, yoga, cycling and gardening.

Ian Austen-Jones

Ian is a Senior Personal Injury Solicitor and a Consultant to SC Law with over 25 years specialist experience in dealing with personal injury cases. He is also a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers.

The legal knowledge and technical skills that Ian brings to personal injury claims ensures an extremely high rate of success. Ian has extensive experience in dealing with many types of accidents, including catastrophic and brain injury cases and claims involving multiple claimants, such as the tragic M25 National Express coach crash in 2007 killing two passengers and seriously injuring many other passengers, some of whose injuries were catastrophic. He is also experienced in dealing with work related industrial disease claims. Ian recently settled a complex brain injury case for £1.2 million where the defendant argued the claimant was partly at fault.

Having also worked in the defendant industry, Ian has the added advantage of knowing how an opponent is likely to respond to a claim and this wealth of experience keeps Ian steps ahead of his opponents both inside and outside the Courtroom.


Shirley Giani

Shirley has over 22 years experience as a Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence Solicitor. Shirley is particularly dedicated to making a difference to the lives of brain injury victims, having encountered her own personal experience of a brain injury after her close relative sustained very serious brain injuries. Through her substantial network of professional services, Shirley has assisted brain injury survivors make inspirational recoveries through early rehabilitation and other support networks. Having first hand knowledge of the legal, emotional and financial issues that arise out of these tragic circumstances, Shirley will assist with the early rehabilitation process that is essential in brain injury cases by obtaining an interim payment (money on account) as soon as possible. Shirley works closely with specialist Queens Counsel (experienced barristers) and leading experts on these cases to achieve the best possible settlement for her clients.

In addition to brain injuries, Shirley also represents children who have suffered cerebral palsy due to brain damage and other defects caused at birth. She also has vast experience in handling catastrophic and very serious injuries, as well as cosmetic surgery that has gone wrong and pain and suffering caused by bed pressure sores, mis-diagnosis and amputations caused by medical negligence.

Shirley is also a member of the UK Acquired Brain Injury Forum and also the Brain Injury Group. She actively works with brain charities to help her severely injured clients receive the best possible support. She is also a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers.

As a Clinical Negligence specialist lawyer, Shirley has the added advantage of knowing how a hospital or doctor is likely to respond to our clients claims, having worked in the defendant industry for several years. This valuable benefit gives our clients an advantage over defendants and their likely tactics.

Carol Matthews

Carol has over 20 years experience as a Personal Injury Legal Executive. She regularly acts for clients in relation to workplace and road traffic accidents and joined the firm in 2017.​ Carol has High Court experience and is fully conversant with portal cases and multi-track, employers liability, public liability and road traffic cases. 

One of her highest settlements was for £265,000.  Carol often tackles cases against the local authorities, involving damaged pavement and pothole claims and has a high success rate in winning these difficult cases.  Many of Carol’s cases involve serious injuries, including brain damage, where she has achieved excellent results for her clients.

Carol also has extensive Court experience and dealing with children cases, particularly those involving scarring and amputations caused as a result of accidents in schools. 

In her spare time, Carol enjoys photography, reading, attending the theatre and dog walking.

Tyla Skates

Tyla is a Trainee Solicitor at the firm and joined in January 2018, initially as a Paralegal. Tyla works tirelessly to obtain the best settlements for her clients. She is experienced in dealing with portal work, including road traffic accidents and in the workplace. Many of Tyla’s cases involve claims against construction firms, where there are often multiple sub-contractors involved and establishing liability against the most culpable contractor.

Tyla has also developed a speciality in finger amputation cases, often caused by work related accidents.

Many of Tyla’s cases involve scarring injuries, where she works closely with one of the UK’s leading plastic surgeons to obtain the best reports to support her clients claims for the scarring or amputation injury that they have sustained. 

A substantial number of cases that Tyla works with are cases involving children, often injured at school or nurseries.

Some of Tyla’s most recent settlements involved complex circumstances when the claimant, being transported to hospital for a routine appointment, fell out of the ambulance.  This resulted in the claimant suffering a seizure amongst other injuries.  Challenges arose on the case as to whether this fell to be a road traffic accident or a public liability case and whether or not the seizures were as a direct cause of the fall.  Tyla worked hard to counter all arguments raised by the defendants and went on to negotiate an excellent settlement for the claimant.  

She is also a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers.

Outside of work, Tyla completed a Masters of Law, degree in early 2020, including developing her specialism into Surrogacy Law.  In her spare time, she enjoys travelling and cooking.

Stuart Stamps

Stuart is a Paralegal who deals mainly with road traffic accidents and legal research.  He also provides the senior lawyers with research assistance in personal injury and medical negligence claims, involving very serious, catastrophic and fatal accidents.  He joined the firm in July 2020.

He has a strong eye for contributory negligence and has been successful in using case law to argue significant reductions against defendants.  This often involves Stuart carrying out a detailed analysis of CCTV, video footage and photographs in relation to liability issues.  Stuart has a proven track record in negotiating liability to ensure that our clients receive the most favourable settlements.

To strengthen claimants’ cases, Stuart often works as part of the team in preparing witness statements to support a claimant’s case.

Stuart is also a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers.

As part of his hobbies, Stuart is a keen mountain walker and musician.  In his spare time he practises and teaches martial arts and self-defence classes.


Caroline Emmett

Caroline heads up the IT at the firm and manages all the firm’s software and cyber security.

She joined the firm in August 2019. She also works as a Paralegal and assists the senior lawyers with different aspects of cases as well as dealing with new client enquiries. Caroline was previously a Computer Programmer and is a qualified Teacher. She also has an interest in Surrogacy Law.

In her spare time, she enjoys travelling and country walks.

Catherine Humphrey

Catherine joined SC Law in 2010 and is the firm’s Business Manager.

As well as managing the accounts, she is responsible for the business development and marketing strategy. Catherine’s role is pivotal to ensuring the firm maintains high service levels for its clients. She also focuses on maintaining the firm’s competitive position in the industry and works closely with the Directors to identify and proactively manage key products and services for the firm.



Patrick Johnston

Patrick manages the firm’s social media and marketing work.

He joined the company in 2021 having previously worked as a journalist. He researches and writes articles on developments in law and also works with clients as they conclude their time with SC Law, making sure they are happy with the service they received.

He holds a master’s degree in media and communication from City, University of London. In his spare time, Patrick enjoys playing tennis and reading.

Tim Self

Tim is the firm’s Practice Director and manages the firm’s development, finances and IT requirements.

In Memory of Claire Hodgson

It is with great sadness that we report that Claire Hodgson, our Senior Clinical Negligence Solicitor passed away unexpectedly on the 25th of August, 2019.

Claire was a Senior Clinical Negligence and Personal Injury Solicitor with over 30 years experience, having qualified in 1991. During her career, she helped hundreds of claimants over the years. She was legendary in her pursuit of justice and frequently gave free advice to members of the public, while walking her dog.

Claire was a real favourite with both her clients, work colleagues and other Personal Injury Lawyers around the UK. She was an achiever who got things done.

As a specialist Industrial Disease Solicitor, Claire had many years experience in handling complex civil actions and had settled several mesothelioma cases for substantial awards. One of her most notable settlements was for just under £250,000 when she acted for a young mesothelioma victim and secured settlement for the “lost years” of his life.

Claire was a member of multiple notable organisations, which include; the Legal 500, where she was regularly consulted by Solicitors throughout the UK; the Claimants’ Steering Committee for the high profile British Coal VWF Litigation; the Law Society’s highly accredited Personal Injury Panel of which she was a long standing member. Since 1999, Claire was also the co-organiser of the Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) Symposium and had contributed to Sweet & Maxwell’s Occupational Illness Litigation (Ed, Andrew Macdonald). She was a speaker at various courses for the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers and most recently at the Noise Induced Hearing Loss Symposium in Manchester, where she was also a member of their Executive Committee.

Claire was also an experienced horse owner and frequently advised in relation to equine related incidents.

When people surfed their phones over a morning coffee, Claire would sit and read law reports! She was immensely knowledgeable and her passing will leave a gaping hole in the legal world. Claire is greatly missed by her partner, friends and colleagues and will be irreplaceable. She was a unique and extremely talented lawyer.

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