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It is important to make a Will whether or not you have many possessions or much money. It is the only way to secure financial support for the people or charities you care about. If you don't make a Will, the state governs who inherits your assets and how your property and possessions will be distributed according to the law, instead of your wishes.

Although the process of making a Will can seem daunting, it's easier than you think. At SC Law our lawyers aim to make the process simple and straight forward for you. Through our associate company we also offer tax planning to try and reduce the amount of inheritance tax you may have to pay.

We offer competitive fees for single Wills. For mirror Wills for a husband and wife, we offer a reduced fee.

  • It is important to make a Will if you are not married or in a registered civil partnership, because the law does not give the same rights as married couples.
  • If you have children under 18 when you die, with a Will you have the right to select their legal guardian and set up any Trusts for your children's benefit and avoid potentially hefty legal costs.
  • If you already have a Will it is important to have it reviewed periodically, to reflect any major life changes, particularly once you get married, have children or get divorced.
  • It is recommended to use a solicitor to prepare your Will, as various legal formalities need to be complied with to ensure that it is valid.
  • If a Will is not prepared correctly, there's a risk a mistake could be made that could cause problems for your family and friends after you die and the Will may be contested.
  • At SC Law, we offer fully tailored and comprehensive advice on effective tax planning to reduce the inheritance tax liability on your estate through our associates Daniel Wolfson and Co Limited.
  • This may include making gifts to reduce tax liabilities, when to make the gift and whether to set up a Trust. You may want to set up a Trust to provide future income for your grandchildren’s education or other reasons.
  • If you own your own business, you can decide who will take over and how your business will continue.


  • You can choose who you wish to leave your property and possessions to. It avoids unnecessary distress at an already difficult time after your death.
  • It is vital to have a Will if you have children under 18 or dependents who financially rely on you. You can select the legal guardian that you wish to look after your children or other dependents.
  • If you have children, you can set up Trusts, maintaining income and long term benefits to ensure your children are properly provided for.


When you die your money and possessions will not be distributed according to your wishes. The government directs who gets what and how much regardless of your relationship. In addition:

  • Unmarried couples and partners who haven’t registered a civil partnership are not entitled to anything, so the death of one partner may create serious financial problems.
  • If you have children, the spouse may inherit most of the estate and your children may get nothing.
  • Any inheritance tax payable may be higher than if you had made a Will.
  • If you have no living close relatives, your whole estate will pass to the crown.
  • You will not be able to leave anything to any charities you may have wished to.
  • If you re-marry or enter into a new registered civil partnership, this will make any previous Will you have made invalid.
  • If you have separated and your ex-partner now lives with someone else, you may want to change your Will.

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