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At SC Law, our Serious Injuries Unit has highly experienced personal injury lawyers specialising in compensation claims following an amputation, which are caused either traumatically or surgically.

Making a claim due to an amputation caused by an accident is very different to a normal personal injury claim. Only a few law firms have the expertise to deliver the service and results needed by those who have suffered an amputation, which could change your life and that of your family forever. Because our lawyers know that an amputation often has a great impact on individuals, as they are so traumatic and permanent, we provide a tailor-made service to meet each individual client's needs.

On average at least 2 people a day in the UK, undergo an amputation due to injury. Common amputations occur to fingers, toes, hands, feet, arms and legs. Even an eye may need to be removed if badly injured. There are two types of amputations.

Surgical Amputations

If a limb or body part has been badly damaged in an accident or suffers a serious infection it may need to be surgically removed a last resort, if it cannot be saved. Sometimes a limb has to be removed due to the negligence of a medical advisor or a hospital.

Traumatic Amputations

During some serious accidents a body part may be literally torn off. Accidents which sometimes lead to this type of amputation include:

  • Road traffic accidents and in particular, motorcycle accidents, cycle accidents and incidents involving pedestrians.
  • Accidents at work, particularly those involving dangerous machinery.
  • It is estimated that approximately 65% of amputees develop “phantom limb” syndrome or pain. The loss of a limb is a traumatic experience and a very emotionally difficult time.

    24-hour care may become a necessity. Special equipment or nursing may be required and your home may need to be adapted. Months of rehabilitation may be required. It may become necessary to re-train. For some people, their amputation may mean the end of their working lives. At SC Law we try to bring back the dignity and joy that has been taken out of our clients lives following their amputation and give them a future worth looking forward to. We work closely with the Dorset Orthopaedic Clinic, a leading prosthetics and rehabilitation company, to provide the best service possible with the latest technology for our clients, so they are not reliant on the NHS, which often has limited resources.

    You will need financial support to rebuild your life. At SC Law we have recovered millions of pounds in damages for clients with amputations. We help secure the maximum compensation so it is enough to provide for a lifetime’s needs. We regularly negotiate awards that exceed our clients’ expectations.

    At SC LAW, we understand the devastating effect an amputation can have on all aspects of your life. Rehabilitation is vitally important, with the greatest progress often made in the first six months after the amputation. We will help secure financial security for your future rehabilitation, care and other needs.

    Our Serious Injuries team understand that making a compensation claim after an amputation can appear a complicated process and can be a difficult time.

    The sudden change to lifestyle and financial strain can be overwhelming. We assist individuals to make the right decisions and to secure compensation that helps you deal with the dramatic changes to lifestyle and the financial impact.

    Our serious injuries team will:

    • investigate the circumstances of your accident as quickly as possible
    • guide you through the practical problems you are faced with immediately after your amputation, including rehabilitation
    • work closely with you and your family and carry out home or hospital visits
    • obtain interim payments where appropriate

    The value of compensation after an amputation can reach several hundred thousand pounds or more. It is important that every aspect of your claim is properly investigated and valued to help you gain assistance and financial security.

    As well as your physical impairments, our personal injury lawyers will investigate:

    • the cost of your past and future care
    • your loss of past and future earnings
    • cost of rehabilitation
    • the cost of providing you with special aids and equipment
    • the cost of prosthetic limbs for a lifetime's needs
    • your welfare benefit entitlement
    • the cost of your future accommodation needs or adapting your home
    • nursing and other costs
    • assist you to obtain financial advice to protect your compensation award in the future
    • local services offered by your local authority and support groups

    A compensation claim for an amputation will require significant work to be carried out by a lawyer. Therefore, it is very important that you seek immediate legal advice from a lawyer specialising in amputation claims.


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