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Sports & Leisure Accidents

Common injuries affecting people participating in sporting or leisure activities may include:

  • broken bones 
  • soft tissue and muscular injuries 
  • damage to the knee, elbow, hamstring, achilles tendon or shoulder 
  • amongst many other types of injuries
  • sometimes the injury can have catastrophic consequences, such as a devastating spinal cord injury - go to our serious injuries section

The trainer or instructor has a legal obligation under health and safety regulations to ensure participants are free from unnecessary risks.  Even in contact sports, people have a duty not to injure you deliberately and not to play in a dangerous way that will cause you to suffer injury.  This applies whether you are playing in a professional capacity or simply for leisure purposes.

  • Quite often in these situations, the injuries could have been prevented
  • On a routine visit to the gym or leisure centre, the equipment used may have been faulty or there was a lack of adequate supervision, particularly where children are involved 
  • The owners of premises where sporting activities take place have to ensure any person using the facility is safe from accidents, including private or public grounds 
  • If you are learning a sport under tuition your trainer should be suitably qualified to ensure that you do not suffer harm 
  • Safe equipment and protective clothing are necessary for certain sporting and leisure activities and if you have not been provided with this, you may be entitled to claim for injuries that you have suffered unnecessarily

There are various health and safety laws to safeguard professional players and members of the public that aim to protect you and give you the right to claim if you have been injured.  You should not delay in making a claim as vital evidence may be needed and there is a strict three year time limit in which to make a claim.

Choosing the right solicitor for your case is an important decision.  Use an injury claims lawyer who specialises in sports and leisure accidents, particularly if a serious injury has occurred, in which case you should use a personal injury solicitor that specialises only in very serious injuries.  Do not simply go to the nearest solicitor, or for example the solicitor who did your Will or conveyancing.  Similarly do not feel obliged to use a law firm appointed by your home or any other legal expenses insurance. When making a personal injury claim, you should be selective about which lawyer you use and have the freedom to appoint any lawyer of your choice.  At SC Law we are experts in dealing with claims for compensation for personal injury.

If your claim is successful, the compensation you will receive is usually assessed under various categories which include:

General damages

For pain, suffering and loss of quality of life (ie if you are unable to carry out normal activities, such as sports and hobbies).

Losses and Expenses

Where appropriate we can claim for financial costs you have incurred as a result of your injury, such as loss of earnings, travelling, medication costs, rehabilitation, aids and equipment and assistance with housework or gardening. This may include future expenses where you are unable to return to work as a result of your injury, or have to return to a lesser paid job, which may include reduced benefits such as loss of pension or rehabilitation, aids and equipment and assistance with home help.


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